ArtHouse families have been isolated by COVID-19 and have an urgent need for food. We launched the Our Families Campaign to support them during this unprecedented, difficult time. There are two components to the Our Families Campaign. First, to support our ArtHouse families during isolation by providing fresh, hot meals delivered to their doorsteps. Second, to provide at-home arts programs to help keep the children learning and engaged while they are at home. An update on the two components of the Our Families Campaign is below.

Providing Meals in Burlington and Oakville

We’re proud to announce that we’ve continued to extend the reach of the Our Families Campaign to over 200 individuals and 60 families providing 400 meals in Burlington and Oakville. The success of this campaign has been impacted by the many donors, volunteers and restaurants that have reached out to us to offer their support. We currently have 135 donors, 20 volunteers and 4 food providers helping us during this emergency relief program.

Special thanks to Kerr Street Cafe for initiating this special meals program – we are now excited to welcome Ritorno Restaurant (HEALTHYFAM) in Oakville and the Platter Company and Wellington Square Church Volunteers in Burlington – a portion of your donation is helping to subsidize each of our supplier’s food costs.

At-Home Online Learning Programs

We have been excited to post 18 YouTube ArtHouse learning videos on our Website. These online arts programs are reaching 100’s of our young people while they are at home. Our awesome instructors are providing varied programming including dance, crafts, magic tricks and painting. Coming soon, we are about to launch live ArtHouse Zoom Workshops. Special thanks to our instructors Tony, Steven, Myriam, Heather, Andrew and Nousheen for providing fun, engaging content for the kids.

arthouse families

Meeting the Urgent Needs of Our Families

In order to continue to meet the needs of our families, your help is needed. We provide tax receipts for your generosity. For more information and to donate, please visit the donate page of our website.

About ArtHouse

ArtHouse is like a Village – and it’s not a small village. We estimate that close to 15,000 young people have little or no access to extra-curricular arts programs throughout the Halton Region. And while we simply can’t reach everyone, we are grateful to our Community Partners, Our Instructors, Volunteers and our Donors who are helping us to support our most vulnerable young people providing them with better pathways to their futures.

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