Program and event supporters since January 2022: Thank you on behalf of 10,800 children and youth.
ArtHouse donors

*A Fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation

**A fund held with the Burlington Foundation


J.P. Bickell Foundation

Building Safer Communities Fund

John Gandy

Henderson Partners LLP

Warren Y. Soper Charitable Trust

United Way of Halton & Hamilton

Willson International Ltd.

Jennifer Doherty and Jeremy Schaal

Halton Region Community Investment Fund


Leggat Auto Group

Leggat Family Fund**

Faye Neville Foundation*

Mags Shorey

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Pieczonka Family Foundation Fund**

RBC Foundation

Strong Family Foundation for Children

United Way of Greater Toronto (Designated Gifts)

Peter Willson

ArtHouse donors

*A Fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation

**A fund held with the Burlington Foundation


AWB Charitable Foundation

Burlington Youth Community Advancement Fund**

Augy & Anna Carnovale Foundation*


Mariella and David Holmes

Naylor Building Partnerships

Schaal Family Foundation


Susan and Paul Finkbeiner

Monique and Adam Newman

Oakville Arts Council

OCF Vital Community Fund*

Keith Strong

Suncor Energy Products

Traquair Family Foundation

May Court Club of Oakville

ArtHouse honours the life of Gail Wiegand whose skills, imagination, creativity and love of the arts is an inspiration for all we do to support and enrich the artistic minds of youth in our community.

*A fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation

Paula and Andy Aicklen
Aicklen Family Fund*

Anna and Dave Armstrong

Appleby College – Arts Week

Brenda and Paul Barrington

The Bogle Private Wealth Group

Susan and Robert Busby

Bruce Galloway

The Kennedy Sisters Team

The MacLeod Green Family Foundation

Lyanne and Keith Matcham

Colleen and James Morris

Oakville Community Foundation Community Classroom*

Mandy and Doru Pantea

Bertha Scott and Tom Dutton

Janice and Jonathon Sprawson

Eve and Peter Willis


Barkley Design Print and Copy

The Derick Brenninkmeyer Foundation

Carmichael-Willis Fund*

Augy and Anna Carnovale

Alex Flye

Susan and Brian Layfield

Leaders for Change Oakville

Alastair and Margaret McKenzie

John K. MacDonald Memorial Fund*

Milton Community Fund

Marie Oswald and Geoffrey Creighton

RBC Dominion Securities Burlington

The Neil L. Smith Memorial Fund*

Stanley Black & Decker

Arleen and Bo Wisser Endowment Fund*

Thomas and Teresa Pugsley Foundation*

*A fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation
**A fund held with the Burlington Foundation

The Alma Fund*

Sandy and Bill Boughner

Susan Dallhoff

Sylvana Dearden

Monica Graves

Kathleen and Doug McPhie

Iris Milanova

AMPed for Life*

Tracy Pollock

Greg Bonhomme

Capstick McCollum & Associates

Lynn Hiebert

Diana Howard

Ken Latvanen

Dan Lawrie Foundation Fund**

Cindy and Craig Merrigan

Karen Russill

*A fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation

Airaj Isaacs

Sheri and Bill Ardell

Evy Beraldo

Karlene Bland

Ron Cameron-Lewis

Clairelise Folch

Lesley Henshaw

Gemma and Matt Hagerman

Justin Liu

Carolyn McLeod

Melanie McGregor

Shelley McQuade

Anne Pichora

Mary and Peter Perdue

Beth Robertson

Christine O’Brien

Sandra Smith

Rob Stonehewer

Christine Taylor

Shannon Tobin

Tom and Janet Alton Family Fund*

Cheryl Wallace Sevack

Karin Dean-Williams

Megan Wilson

Craig Barnard

Tina Blatchford

Cameron Byrne

Katie and Rob Clarke

Rebecca Edgar

Nancy Gossling

Carolyn Hogwood

The Jackson Family Fund*

Ellen Low

Helen and John McGillivray

Grace and Doug McKirgan

Petrina and Peter Nesbitt

Christine O’Brien (in memory of Marie O’Toole)

Josee O’Toole

Len Pace

Popp Family Fund*

Holly and Steve Pontisso

Lance Rosenthal

Ranbir Sangha

Gillian Sprawson

Rhonda Suurd

William White

Seden Yesildag

Appleby College (Visual Arts Week)


* We are also very grateful to all donors who have supported our campaigns during the year and we apologize for any errors or omissions.