Where is ArtHouse Located in Halton?
Currently we are in Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville – there’s no “one” location.
Pre Covid-19 we have operated at approximately 45 accessible Neighbourhoods and schools annually. We are grateful to each of our Venue hosts that provide us with their space free of charge.
What age groups do your programs support?
• PRE-Covid-19 – Community programs offerings for 7-17 year olds and programs for JK-Grade 12 students in schools.

• Covid-19 – Community programs offerings for 7-17 year olds and Agency Partnerships with CAS, HMC and ROCK. We also invite siblings from HIPPY Halton Family Programs.

Why JK-Grade 12?

Our Research tells us that the arts is a vital tool to engage our participants, so start early. ArtHouse Programs help cultivate imagination and expression and enhance coping skills and resilience. Over time they can reduce anxiety and stress contributing to positive mental health. 

Can anyone sign up?

Yes, for any of our open-registration programs, but our Front-of-the-Line Policy gives priority to children whose families may not have the discretionary resources to access fee-related programs.

What is the ArtHouse Arts “Curriculum”?

Multi-disciplined – Visual Arts, Improv, Theatre Performance, Instruments, Singing, Cooking and Environmental Programs, etc. Most importantly our goal is to engage our young people unconditionally in a setting that is safe and trusting.

When do the Programs take place?

Four Seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring – generally 8-10 Weekly Programs per Season.

How long do the programs run?

Programs usually run for 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours.

Do children get a snack?
• Pre-Covid-19 – yes, snacks are provided depending on the time;

• Covid-19 – often, special snacks along with Arts Supplies are delivered to the doors of our participants before a program begins.

How are each of the programs managed?
• Neighbourhood Programs – our Program Managers and ArtHouse Instructors;

• Community Programs – partnerships with ArtHouse Instructors staffed by Agencies (e.g. CAS, ROCK, HMC).

What else is special about your programs?

Many of our programs end with a Finale-performance with an invitation to parents, siblings and friends.

Is ArtHouse a Charitable Organization?

Yes – ArtHouse was incorporated as ArtHouse for Children and Youth in 2009 and received its Charitable status in early 2010.

How do you know your Programs have been successful?
  • High retention rates at each program;
  • Over 50% of our participants return to more than one program over their time with ArtHouse;
  • Our Children, their parents, and our Program Partners help us with Testimonials:
    • Consistently we hear “Confidence”, “Happy”, “Program Quality” and “Creativity”.
What is the Annual Budget?

In Fiscal 2021 our goal is to raise $440,000 of which close to 80% goes directly to our Programs.

How is ArtHouse Funded?

Government Grants, other granting organizations, Foundations, Sponsors, Individuals – and generous communities!!

Are your Financials Audited?

We are proud to say that BDO Canada has provided ArtHouse with Audited Statements since 2012.

Does ArtHouse hold Events?

Our Festival Series is held annually where we try to have two special events, always with the arts as a major focus. With Covid-19 it is anticipated that we may offer Live-Stream Events.

We would always welcome a “third party” fundraising event.

Do other “ArtHouses” exist in Halton?

We are not aware of any other organizations that offer a wide-variety of FREE Arts Programs throughout the community.

What makes your programs different?
  • Our programs are free, safe, and accessible;
  • We recruit professional Instructors who not only bring their gift of their art, but they try to bring out the very best in each participant.
What Organizations do you work with?

Many, including ROCK, Halton District School Board, Halton Community Housing Corporation, Independent Cooperatives, Halton Multicultural Council, Kerr Street Mission, Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton, Big Brothers Big Sisters and HIPPY Halton.

Are there other communities where you would like to be?

Our Mission is to continue to grow throughout the Halton Region.

Any final comments from ArtHouse?

October 2020, we celebrated our fourth year of Accreditation with Imagine Canada for excellence in nonprofit accountability, transparency and governance;

We continue to research the powerful connection between the arts and positive social, physical and emotional well-being.

We are grateful to all of our wonderful Stakeholders.

Thank you for “investing” in our Children and Youth.