ArtHouse Halton Cooking

Summarizing the past 12 years could take a while (and we have documented much on our Website’s History Page), but if we could wrap it all into one longish sentence, it might be “Community, Awesome Partnerships, Colleagues, Instructors, Board Members, Volunteers, Generous Donors and the commitment to our young people and how we are positively impacting their lives with arts-based programs – we care a lot and love what we do!”

Looking back on the most disruptive year in our history, we are moving forward with optimism – the world has changed and ArtHouse has transformed, but we have not deviated from our mission – we have just strengthened it. Year 13 began July 1st on the heels of a wonderful end to Year 12 – we are excited about our future:


  1. Oakville Awards of Business Excellence – in mid-June ArtHouse was honoured to receive the CN Charity or Not-for-Profit Award from the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Oakville West.



  2. Our New Vision Statement – ArtHouse – Connected Every Step of the Way – Covid 19 created an opportunity for us to become even closer to our children and youth and their families – we have an unconditional long-term commitment to support them wherever we can and for as long as we can.


  3. Arts programming will always be the foundation of our work directed towards young people age 7-17. The Arts are often the Voice of Expression and Communication, they bring people together, they help us understand the world around us, our diversities, our current issues. They can help us process trauma, difficult feelings and support our general well-being. The Arts are more vital today than ever as we move through this post-pandemic environment.


  4. A Hybrid Program Model – we are moving back to some Live Programming and while the “Virtual” did shake up our globe, there have been lots of upsides. Overall we have been able to reach all four of our Halton Communities during one program, new friendships have developed and new confidences have emerged in an “online” world that’s here to stay.


  5. Enhanced Youth Programming – this cohort of young people has perhaps suffered the most over the past 15 months – their social lives were stripped from them and often the virtual just didn’t cut it. But we’ve worked with them, asked them how we can help and they’ve responded. Our exciting programming will include instructional expertise in technology, cooking, the environment and of course the arts. We are determined to help them plan their futures – every step of the way!


  6. ArtHouse – Our Space – Season Two – the magic of puppetry, special guests, and program themes about mental health brought our families together on Friday Evenings – and with a special meal thanks to our awesome friends at Kerr Street Cafe! We look forward to Season Two beginning this Fall.


  7. Imagine Canada Standards – as we close in on the 5th year of our Accreditation we are driven to continue to exceed expectations with strong governance, transparency and all we can do to assess and manage any risks associated with our programming.


  8. Our Wonderful Stakeholders – in a fully collaborative process our work will continue to evolve – we will Seek New Knowledge, Exercise Good Judgement and Celebrate New Experiences. We are in this for keeps and cannot thank you all enough for supporting our special mission.